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Cloud Disk v4.0 (Education)

Cloud Drive v4.0 (Education)

  • Product description: Cloud Drive v4.0 (Education)

Cloud Drive v4.0 (Education)

Brief introduction to the scheme:

Cloud Drive(Workspace) v4.0 is a campus level cloud storage solution, which provides a convenient cloud collaboration platform for teaching data for teaching management. Based on various security mechanisms, such as rich and diverse permission control strategies, detailed operation behavior records, file encryption storage, data and system separation, etc., it provides a safe, efficient and concise shared data management solution for teaching management At present, personal data sharing between teachers and students, while supporting online viewing, online editing, greatly improving office efficiency.

Scheme architecture:


Features of the scheme:

l Workspace management

Homework online establishment

Operation classification management

Homework breakpoint continuation

Real time assignment sharing

Safe and reliable storage

Multi level authority control

Spatial dynamic management

Program function:


Programme value:    


Comprehensive protection of user data, solve the problem of data loss 


Store and download anytime, anywhere, and get real-time information 


Online direct view / edit, easy to modify information 


Multi layer password management to ensure the privacy of private data


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