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The digital learning market will reach 16 billion US dollars, and the giants have set foot in it

According to foreign media CNBC, the size of the digital learning market is expected to grow to $16 billion in four years. Google, Microsoft, apple, Facebook and other technology giants have set foot in this field in order to share the future education market.
Technology can be a factor of change for teachers in remote areas and for schools with scarce resources. A series of software platforms enable teachers to learn best teaching practices, customize teaching plans, manage students' assignments and complete ratings. Students and teachers at all levels of schools have been using teaching software, technology will play an increasingly important role in the classroom.
This type of technology, called learning management systems, is already a $5.2 billion industry based on market research data and is expected to grow to $16 billion in four years. Schools are not the only ones using such technologies. Business organizations and academic institutions are also increasingly using digital learning technology, which has helped drive the growth of the industry and help to spawn new technologies such as Gamification and virtual reality.
Leaders in this field include D2L. Its brightspace software platform incorporates big data to help teachers manage their teaching, communication and grading. It is now used by more than 700 customers and eight million students, including about half of Canada's K-12 schools and colleges and universities.
In 2011, equity has sold more than 16000 of its clients, including the government's software providers and partners, to its customers, including schools and partners. Its platform covers 100 million users all over the world. Blackboard is committed to helping teachers bring their classrooms online and to help provide customized courses for students.
'it's just the beginning,' says Tom Vander ark, an educational technology investor and founding partner of learn capital. "It will take some time to really form a new learning model that makes full use of the online platform. But I think most schools will be part of the platform network in the next few years. Such a network combines common learning modes, shared learning platforms and professional learning experiences. " Van der alke pointed out. He is also a partner in getting smart, an educational consulting firm.
Technology giants are also targeting the market: Google, Microsoft and apple provide free classroom tools for students and teachers, respectively. "Google and Microsoft, in particular, have lightweight management systems that teachers around the world are using to apply to the classroom." "We see that this active adoption of free and low-cost tools creates a bottom-up adoption model," van der alke said. Teachers don't wait for school leadership to adopt those platforms Leading platforms can really help teachers meet the needs of individual students. "
Now, Facebook is also entering the education industry, helping summit public schools, a franchise school operator in the bay area, to develop a platform. "In addition to applying it within their network, they also share it In the near future, hundreds of public schools across the United States will be able to access them. " "I think that model will be able to dramatically change K-12 education," van der alke said
These technology giants have been actively involved in the field of educational technology, which has also brought negative effects: it has inhibited the venture capital attracted by the industry. According to pitchbook, the total amount of venture capital in the education technology industry exceeded $1.5 billion in 2015, a record, but dropped sharply to $930 million last year.


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