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FAQ of Cloud classroom

1. Black screen
When the teacher broadcast teaching, students machine black screen, please check whether the teacher computer files are deleted by antivirus software.
2. Desktop data cannot be retained / restored
Please check that the desktop policy settings are in the restored state.
3. Can't wake up
Please check whether the wake-up function is turned on by the network card.
What is the initial password
The initial password of this product is: admin (all lowercase).
5. The image distribution speed is slow or the speed is 0MB / s
① If the image distribution speed is slow, please check whether the network device has set multicast / broadcast / unicast suppression function. If so, set the network status to normal mode.
② If the hard disk used by the terminal device is a mechanical hard disk, please adjust the delay to more than 50ms during image distribution.
6. Students cannot log in
If you use the windows system teaching management, please check whether the channel of the student side is the same as that of the teacher side; if you use the Linux system teaching management, please check whether the Linux system user name and password of the teacher side and the student side are the same.


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