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The cloud computing market is in a period of explosive growth and still needs technological innovation

Since Amazon CEO Bezos first proposed the concept of cloud storage and cloud computing in 2006, cloud computing has developed for more than ten years and has gradually matured.
The cloud computing market is in a period of explosive growth and still needs technological innovation
According to statistics, the global market size of cloud computing in 2010 was only 68.3 billion US dollars. With the joint promotion of policy advocacy and people from all walks of life, its market size is expected to exceed US $300 billion in 2018 and will exceed US $400 billion in 2020.
Among them, China's cloud computing market is in a period of explosive growth, and cloud consumption in the first quarter of 2018 increased by 138.6% year-on-year. According to the "three year action plan for Cloud Computing Development (2017-2019)" issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the scale of China's cloud computing industry will reach 430 billion yuan by 2019.
With the continuous maturity of technology, the global cloud computing sub domains also maintain the growth momentum. According to the data, in 2016, the growth rates of SaaS, PAAS and IAAs markets were 20%, 23% and 37% respectively. In the practical application process, according to the different nature of cloud computing services, cloud computing is divided into public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and other types. According to their own needs, enterprises can adopt the cloud service mode that meets the actual needs.
However, from the current level of cloud business development, technological innovation is still the focus of cloud business development. Take microblog as an example, sometimes there will be short-term paralysis and flash collapse. In this regard, Zhou Hongyi also said at the forum of experts and entrepreneurs of "foreseeing the future of the Internet" at Wuzhen Internet Conference: "if cloud computing can support the marriage of five fresh meat of microblog at the same time, and four stars cheat without downtime, cloud computing is the real cow."
The ultimate goal of cloud computing is to provide computing, services and applications to the public as a kind of public facilities, so that people can use computer resources like water, electricity, gas and telephone. With the progress of technology, cloud services will become more convenient and efficient. Therefore, cloud computing manufacturers also need to continue to carry out technological innovation to improve the user experience.
In the future, large enterprises will be the new growth point and driving force of small and medium-sized enterprises
In recent years, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, the three major operators, Huawei and other giants have successively entered the cloud computing field to carve up the market cake. In 2017, the scale of China's public cloud computing market has exceeded 5 billion yuan. However, in the face of such a huge and high growth rate market, where are the opportunities for small and medium-sized cloud computing companies in China?
At present, the global cloud computing market has been dominated by giants such as Amazon and Microsoft. However, due to policy restrictions and other reasons, the pace of entering China has been hindered. Zhao Xiao, senior research manager of IDC, believes that a series of foreign cloud layouts in 2016 mean that the number of players capable of participating in China's cloud market competition has basically arrived. Unlike previous Limited services, real market competition is about to start. This news may be bad news for the survival of small and medium-sized cloud computing enterprises.
In addition, in Xu Shaochun's view, the relationship between cloud computing manufacturers is more than competition, but cooperation. The cloud business is divided into three layers. The IAAs at the bottom is the infrastructure service, which is the data center. The upper two layers are PAAS and SaaS. These parts of business are cooperative relations, and the market is a blue ocean. There is no market for anyone to seize.
He further said: "the customers of small and medium-sized enterprises have always been small and medium-sized enterprises. In the future, large-scale enterprises will be the new growth point and driving force of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the past, it seemed that the advantages of foreign big companies are ours in the cloud computing era, so we have begun to surpass them.
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